Can We Whiten Dental Work? | Idahome Smiles Teeth Whitening

Can We Whiten Dental Work? | Idahome Smiles Teeth Whitening


Can We Whiten Dental Work?

Whitening Dental Work | Caps | Crowns | Teeth Whitening

Caps and Crowns and Veneers, whatever work you have most likely we can whiten it. At Idahome Smiles we do what is called an “internal whitening”. What this means is that we are non-abrasive. We don’t damage dental work. We simply remove the surface stains that have built up over time and bring your crowns, veneers, and caps back to their original color. 

Just as the day they were when they were put in. We remove the surface stains with our 3-step whitening process. For three 20-minute sessions, our Whitening Specialist will apply our organic-plant based product to your teeth. We apply vitamin E to your gums and your lips to protect your mouth from dryness and from any irritation. After this, we set our LED light to activate all of our awesome ingredients, set the timer to 20, and let you relax. 

We take pride in our smile spa. That is why we diffuse organic oil blends and fill the room with calming music, salt rocks, and crystals - all to give you the time to take a moment away from the business of life. 

If we have learned anything during these pressing times it’s that life is much better enjoyed at a slower pace. And, with a great smile, you can take on the world! 

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We serve the entire local treasure valley in Idaho including, Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, and Kuna. Book your brighter smile TODAY! We can’t wait to see your SMILE! 

We are so excited to open our new smile spa in Meridian, Idaho!

Our Meridian Office is located inside Phenix Salon Suites
3909 S Fairview Ave, Suite 100, Rm 128
Meridian, Idaho 83642

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Our Boise Office is located inside GRAE Salon
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