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How to Use the Smile Sustain At Home Teeth Whitening Bundle

Key Takeaway Description
Comprehensive Product Insight Detailed explanation of how the Smile Sustain Bundle's components work based on their ingredients.
Daily Life Benefits How these products seamlessly integrate into and enhance daily oral care routines.
Scientific Approach Understanding the science behind the ingredients and their effects on teeth whitening and oral health.
Long-Term Oral Health The role of these products in maintaining long-term oral hygiene and teeth aesthetics.
Practical Tips Practical advice for maximizing the benefits of the Smile Sustain Bundle in everyday life.


How to Use the Idahome Smiles "Smile Sustain" At Home Teeth Whitening Bundle


A Scientific Insight into the Smile Sustain Bundle

The Idahome Smiles "Smile Sustain" Bundle stands out not just for its ease of use but also for the science behind its components. Each product in this 3-month teeth whitening package, including the Arctic Frost Strips, Polar Pen, and Glacial Guard, is designed with specific ingredients to ensure effective and safe teeth whitening while catering to your day-to-day oral care needs.

Understanding the Ingredients

Arctic Frost Strips

  • Key Ingredients: Glycerin, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Menthol
  • How They Work: These strips use a combination of glycerin and phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid to break down stains on the teeth gently. Coconut oil and chamomile extract soothe the gums, while menthol leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

Glacial Guard

  • Key Ingredients: Strontium Chloride, Nano-Medical Hydroxyapatite, Vitamin E, Xylitol
  • Benefits: Strontium chloride and nano-medical hydroxyapatite work together to remineralize teeth and reduce sensitivity. Vitamin E soothes the gums, and xylitol helps in reducing harmful bacteria in the mouth.

44% Carbamide Peroxide Polar Pen

  • Key Ingredients: Urea Peroxide, Xylitol, Calcium Glycerophosphate
  • Effectiveness: The high concentration of carbamide peroxide provides powerful whitening action, while xylitol and calcium glycerophosphate aid in protecting and strengthening tooth enamel.

Integration into Daily Life

These products are designed for convenience and ease, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine. The Arctic Frost Strips are perfect for those busy mornings or evenings, providing a hassle-free application. The Polar Pen is ideal for quick touch-ups, especially before important meetings or social events. The Glacial Guard serves as an excellent finish to your daily oral care, especially for those with sensitive teeth, ensuring comfort after whitening treatments.

For a more in-depth understanding of these products, visit Idahome Smiles Arctic Frost PAP+ Whitening Strips and Idahome Smiles Polar Perfection Teeth Whitening Kit.

How to Use the Bundle for Optimal Results

  1. Start with Arctic Frost Strips: Apply the strips evenly across your teeth and leave them on for at least 30 minutes. The ingredients work to gently lift stains, leaving your teeth several shades brighter.
  2. Use the Polar Pen for Targeted Whitening: Apply the gel to specific areas needing more attention. Its potent formula ensures quick and visible results. Avoid eating or drinking for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Finish with Glacial Guard: Apply this gel and leave it on overnight to mitigate any sensitivity and strengthen your teeth, making it a crucial step in your daily oral care routine.

Do's and Don'ts for Effective Usage


  • Regular Usage: Consistency is key. Use the products as directed to maintain your smile's radiance.
  • Consultation: Always consult with a dental professional before starting any new oral care regimen.


  • Overuse: Avoid using the products more frequently than recommended to prevent tooth sensitivity or enamel damage.
  • Neglect Oral Hygiene: Continue your regular brushing and flossing routine to complement the whitening process.

For additional tips on maintaining your smile, refer to Idahome Smiles Blog.

Long-Term Benefits and Maintenance

Maintaining your bright smile with the Smile Sustain Bundle goes beyond aesthetic appeal. It's about embracing a routine that ensures long-term oral health and hygiene. The inclusion of ingredients like xylitol and nano-medical hydroxyapatite not only enhances the whiteness of your teeth but also contributes to overall dental health.

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In Conclusion

The Smile Sustain At Home Teeth Whitening Bundle offers a scientifically-backed, convenient solution for maintaining a bright smile. By understanding the function of each component and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can enjoy long-term benefits for your oral health and aesthetics.

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