Is Whitening Safe For Kids? | Safe Teeth Whitening

Is Whitening Safe For Kids? | Safe Teeth Whitening


Is Whitening Safe For Kids? | SafeTeeth Whitening

Organic Teeth Whitening | Safe For Kids | Safe For Children

Is Whitening Safe For Kids?

We are so happy to say that our whitening process is 100% safe for kids!

There is nothing like seeing a big bright smile on a kid’s face after they leave our office. This is why we only use organic whitening gel in our treatment!

We have had many youngsters come to our office and brighten up their smiles, whether it's before an event like prom or homecoming or even just to keep their smiles bright throughout the year! 

For generations, having braces has been a typical part of an adolescent’s life. Many children wear braces as a staple in their pre-teen and teen years. We have created a partnership with Gilman Orthodontics to offer our community the ultimate smile makeover. We love transforming smiles right after their braces come off! 

The dentist can seem like a scary and uncomfortable place to children, this is why we have created our Smile Spa. We have created a very relaxing environment with essential oils and two massage chairs. They will feel so comfortable especially when you're in the office with them. So bring your little one with you to your next appointment in our smile spa.

Our Initial teeth whitening treatment consists of three twenty-minute teeth whitening sessions over the time span of one 90 minute appointment. Your personal comfort is our top priority. We strive to give our customers a relaxing spa-like experience with essential oil diffusers, massage chairs, and calming space for all of our clients to feel at home during their treatment.

When we started Idahome Smiles, the goal was to change the idea of teeth whitening by using an all-organic whitening procedure. We love to see our clients leaving with brighter, whiter smiles and looking forward to their next teeth whitening appointment in our smile spa. We use fresh, organic ingredients in our teeth whitening gel to provide the highest quality results safely and effectively.

Our organic plant and mineral-based gels have natural enamel building features to strengthen teeth and take out the harmful and painful effects that bleach whitening can leave you with. Our process nearly eliminates sensitivity when compared to other teeth whitening treatments, so it is safe for those with already sensitive teeth.

Also, our LED light helps speed up the process of the active ingredient in our organic whitening gel. Not only is the active ingredient in our whitening gel safe for your body and effective at whitening, but it can also help kill bacteria. Because of this, our gel will not change or damage the structure of the teeth, so you can say goodbye to painful whitening processes and say hello to a brand new white smile!

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