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Introducing our At-Home Teeth Whitening

Embrace the epitome of teeth whitening excellence with the Polar Perfection Kit, tailored for both effectiveness and sensitivity concerns.
This comprehensive kit includes three Polar Pens, each containing a 44% Carbamide Peroxide solution, perfect for on-the-go applications or for enhanced results when used with the Aurora Beam LED Light. 
The wireless Aurora Beam features 32 LEDs, combining blue and red light to efficiently whiten teeth and promote gum health in just 10-minute sessions. This USB-rechargeable light, with an automatic shut-off feature, epitomizes user convenience. 
Completing the kit, the Glacial Guard is used weekly to restore and strengthen enamel with essential minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus, ensuring your teeth are protected from future stains. 

Ideal for those with sensitivity, the Polar Perfection Kit is your ultimate solution for achieving and maintaining a brilliantly white, dazzling smile.
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Polar Perfection Kit FAQ's

To keep your professionally whitened smile radiant, use the Polar Perfection Kit once or twice a week. The kit's urea peroxide formula gently lifts new stains, while natural ingredients like peppermint oil ensure fresh breath. Xylitol in the formula helps to fight plaque and maintain oral health. Additionally, using the Glacial Guard Gel provides essential nutrients to protect your teeth from new stains and sensitivity. Regular use helps maintain your professional results, ensuring your smile stays bright.

Introducing our On-The-Go Teeth Whitening

Arctic Frost PAP+ Strips redefine the teeth whitening experience with their focused and hassle-free application. 
Each pack includes 14 upper and 14 lower strips, uniquely designed as dry strips to stay firmly adhered to your teeth without the messiness of gel-based alternatives. 
This innovative approach not only ensures precise and uniform whitening but also significantly reduces gum sensitivity and irritation often associated with traditional whitening strips. 
Key components include moisturizers for comfort, PAP+ for efficient stain reduction, and natural extracts like Coconut Oil for a refreshing feel. 
Ideal for those seeking a detailed yet comfortable whitening solution, the Arctic Frost PAP+ Strips offer a simple, effective, and comfortable way to achieve a brighter, more confident smile.
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Arctic Frost Strips FAQ's

Absolutely! The Arctic Frost Strips, with their gentle yet effective formulation including PAP, are perfect for maintaining your whitened smile. Use them every 2 or 3 days to tackle any new stains and maintain the brightness achieved from your professional treatment.

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