Initial Organic Laser Teeth Whitening

We apply our organic teeth whitening gel (Dental Grade, Food Grade 17% Hydrogen Peroxide with Organic Plants and minerals like Aloe Vera, Calcium and Potassium), directly to your teeth in three, 20 minute sessions. This is all applied in one 90 minute appointment at our office.

Our whitening gel gets activated by our Cold Technology LED Lights to speed up the whitening transformation.

We take before and after photos, and apply our Remineralizing & Desensitizing gel. This plant based gel has 73 trace minerals and organic plant materials to help build and restore the enamel of your teeth and the overall health of your gums.

As a gift to all of our clients, we give them a take-home whitening kit. This is for general upkeep after your in-office treatment.

$199.00, Book Now

Organic Laser Teeth Whitening Touch Up

After Our client's initial treatment, they can come back anytime for a touch up. They'll receive the same great service, in our calming and comfortable space and this includes the three 20 minute whitening sessions, our Remineralizer & Desensitizer, and also our take-home kit in one 90 minute appointment.

This is our Life of the client special for any return visit to our office.

$139.00, Book Now

Mobile Organic Laser Teeth Whitening

Our relaxing atmosphere is not limited to our office space. Our mobile laser teeth whitening service provides a 60-minute whitening treatment in the comfort of your office, home or hotel when hosting a teeth whitening party.

$299.00, Book Now

Gift Certificates

A great gift for anyone, give the gift of white teeth!

We offer gift cards for any amount - get yours at the link below .

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