Will I Experience Sensitivity During My Teeth Whitening Experience?

Will I Experience Sensitivity During My Teeth Whitening Experience?


Will I Experience Sensitivity During My Teeth Whitening Experience?

We all want our teeth to look and feel healthy. So when you are looking to invest in brightening up your smile it is equally as important to know about the products and procedures that will be used; and, in turn, give you the best and brightest results. The product we use to achieve these results is an organic plant-based solution. We conduct our treatments in a non-invasive manner allowing you to hydrate during your treatment and giving the product time to slowly open your pores and tackle those deep-rooted surface stains.

Yet, the question will always be asked -  Will I experience sensitivity after this treatment?

So, the main causes of sensitivity are harsh whitening tactics, dehydrated nerve endings, and exposed nerves. With our products, we use an organic-plant based solution that is not known to cause sensitivity and is absent from harsh chemicals and dyes. We also have a strict pre-treatment policy to follow prior to your appointment. This includes STAYING HYDRATED! Dehydrated nerves cause sensitivity, so drink plenty of water before, during (we split our treatment into 3/20-minute sessions to allow for this time), and after - very important! We also require you to not brush or floss 6-hours prior to your appointment. Brushing opens your pores which exposes those gentle nerve endings. When we apply the product to those exposed pores this can sometimes cause sensitivity. It’s much like having a cracked tooth - your protective layer is exposed giving the product a direct-line to exposed nerves.

With sensitivity being our most commonly asked question, and rightfully so, our whitening specialists are ready and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

At Idahome Smiles, located in Boise, Idaho - we provide 3/20-minute sessions of applying our product, rinsing, and allowing you to hydrate. In just one initial treatment our clients easily see multiple shades of whiter teeth after our 3rd session. After your final treatment, we take the extra time to apply our remineralizing and desensitizer gel to bring back vital nutrients and enamel building minerals to the opened pores of your teeth.

As you come into our office we encourage you to relax, melt into the chair, and enjoy our smile spa. With personalized massage chairs, essential oils, and calming music it is not uncommon for our clients to leave feeling rejuvenated with their biggest and brightest smile wondering when the sensitivity is going to happy and being overwhelmed with joy that it does not. 

We serve the Best Teeth Whitening to the entire local treasure valley in Idaho; including, Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna. Call or Reserve your appointment TODAY! We can’t wait to see your SMILE!