Is Charcoal Safe to Whiten My Teeth? | Teeth Whitening Boise

Is Charcoal Safe to Whiten My Teeth? | Teeth Whitening Boise


Charcoal is all the craze these days. From face masks to teeth brushing, and even now in foods to delight; but, is it safe? And, does it work? 

While charcoal toothpaste home treatment might seem pretty harmless, it can actually do quite a bit of damage to your teeth and you could be vulnerable to many other serious oral problems down the road.

The logic behind charcoal whitening is this: charcoal is an extremely absorbent substance. This quality enables it to absorb bacteria and stains on the teeth causing the user to have whitening results. 

While this might be sort of true, what it leaves out is the fact that charcoal is extremely abrasive. This rough texture is enough to actually break down the gentle enamel on your teeth, causing them to weaken your teeth over time. Literally scrubbing off the top layer of your teeth may indeed make them appear whiter, but the tradeoff is that they will subsequently be much thinner, weaker, more likely to develop cavities, or even break as these conditions worsen.

While enamel is extremely strong, simply using a regular toothbrush with too much force is enough to break it down over time, so when you add charcoal to the mix, it becomes tremendously hazardous for the teeth and the health of your gums. The idea is that you are basically taking a sandpaper sheet to your teeth and brushing off the stains along with your actual tooth fiber. As you use charcoal it also tends to get into your gums and can be known to cause a receding gum line, exposing the sensitive nerves of your teeth. If you are still considering charcoal please check what the RDA (relative dentin abrasion) number is. Generally, anything under 200 is considered “safe”.

At Idahome Smiles we use a non-abrasive whitening process that can help rebuild your enamel. So you’ll leave after your one appointment with a brighter and healthier smile. There are so many options to consider as you are looking for that whiter-brighter smile. It is important to do research when looking for what to put on your teeth and ask questions. Our Whitening Specialists are incredibly knowledgeable about our products, procedures, and are ready to answer any questions you may have. You can reach out to us on our contact page or check out our commonly asked questions here

At Idahome Smiles, located in Boise, Idaho - we provide an organic food-based product that is without harmful chemicals and bleach. At your initial treatment, we provide 3/20-minute sessions of applying our product, rinsing, and allowing you to hydrate. In just one initial treatment our clients easily see multiple shades of whiter teeth after our 3rd session. After your final session, we take the extra time to apply our remineralizing and desensitizer gel to bring back vital nutrients and enamel building minerals to the opened pores of your teeth. 

As you come into our office we encourage you to relax, melt into the chair, and enjoy our smile spa. With personalized massage chairs, essential oils, and calming music it is not uncommon for our clients to leave feeling rejuvenated with their biggest and brightest smile. 

We serve the Best Teeth Whitening to the entire local treasure valley in Idaho; including, Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna. Reserve your appointment TODAY! We can’t wait to see your SMILE!