We are Idahome Smiles

Idahome Smiles, located in Boise Idaho, provides organic laser teeth whitening services. We help our customers get up to 14 shades of whiter teeth in just one tooth whitening treatment. 

Our Initial teeth whitening treatment consists of three twenty-minute teeth whitening sessions in one appointment. Your personal comfort is our top priority. We have essential oils, massage chairs and we created a calming space for all of our clients to feel at home. 

We want to change the idea of organic teeth whitening and love seeing our clients look forward to their next teeth whitening appointment with us in our smile spa in Boise.

Don't Panic, It's Organic.

We use fresh, organic ingredients in our teeth whitening gel to provide the highest quality results safely, and effectively. 

Our organic plant and mineral-based gel have natural enamel building features to strengthen teeth and it nearly eliminates sensitivity when compared to other teeth whitening treatments.

Also, our LED light helps speed up the process of the active ingredient in our organic whitening gel. Our gel does not change or damage the structure of the teeth, and it can also help kill bacteria.


Welcome to our Smile Spa.

At Idahome Smiles we want you to enjoy a calm, relaxing experience in a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere.

Unwind in our massage chairs, listen to our serene music (or bring your own), breathe in our soothing essential oils, and rest your eyes all while whitening your teeth.

And don't worry, it's ok with us if you take a little nap :)

Molar Bear Membership

Schedule One 20-minute tooth whitening touch-up once a month, to keep your smile at its whitest!

A 3-month membership for per month. (Monthly Subscription)

Simple, Easy and Hassle-Free.


Our Organic Teeth Whitening Process

Your comfort and smile are our top priority. We have a simple, relaxing three-step process for our clients .

Brett Olson

Founder & CEO

Brett Olson is our President and CEO.

Born and raised here in Idaho, he's passionate about keeping business local.

He enjoys being outdoors and exploring all the beauty Idaho has to offer. If he's not in the office he's probably on a snowboard up at Bogus Basin, one of his favorite winter activities.

Whiter Smiles For All

-Brett Olson

"Never let the world change your smile,
let your smile change the world"